Darlee Byron

Darlee began sewing around age twelve; and took home economics classes in school from grades 7-12. From this experience, she enjoyed sewing her own clothes; and in later years added her own wedding dress, a two-man nylon tent, two simple baby quilts (in Fortrel), stuffed toys, doll clothes, and shirts in boys and men’s sizes; and little girl dresses. 

During the years her children were young she home-schooled for a total of 16 years; and also provided bookkeeping skills to her family business during that time. When her youngest child was ready for high school; allowing more time again for herself, it was time to explore her creative side. 

She took several quilting classes to find out what new techniques would best appeal to her interest, as quilting had really changed since its early years. Already knowing she wasn’t too fond of hand sewing; she discovered her favorite was machine applique. (Mind you, not needle-turned, but raw-edged fused applique).  She was very keen on exploring this new genre; and has enjoyed making many quilts in a variety of techniques; and has also designed her own quilt patterns.       


Her pattern designs were sold through craftsy.com for several years; however, as of 28-December-2018 that avenue has closed. Sometime later in 2019, her patterns may find other outlets for sale. For now, though, she is working on a new way to share some of those patterns; and other interesting quilting ideas.

She has always enjoyed finding ways to use her fabric stash and make each pattern she uses fit the available fabrics. This enables each project to be unique and beautiful. Quilting allows everyone’s style and ability to shine through, making it the perfect craft to pursue…. to go on a never-ending adventure of creativity and learning.

Seams Addictive!!

P.S.  Yes, indeed.. that is why quilting and the creative arts make this so true.

"Every exit is an entry somewhere else."

Tom Stoppard

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