Crazy-Pieced Quilts Review

Quilt: Crazy Regatta

My quilt book reviews will include: selecting a book, making a quilt, and sharing my finished project on the blog.

Book Review 1

Book:  CRAZY AT THE CABIN by Janet Rae Nesbitt
(A Cozy Collection of Crazy-Pieced Quilts)

Featured Project: Crazy Regatta

Book: Crazy at the Cabin / Quilt: Crazy Regatta

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Share a Cup of Coffee or Tea!

Share a Cuppa

Some people just need a cup of coffee before they get started on their day. Perhaps, it’s your usual way of taking a few moments for yourself. A way to reflect on what’s on your agenda; or to drink in the beauty of your surroundings. However you get your day started, or keep it going, remember to give yourself some time to nurture your own uniqueness.

In my opinion, this winter has been just way too COLD. Thus, remembering that the groundhog predicted, “Still six more weeks of winter.” You would hear me saying, “Wouldn’t that be true, if it was ONLY six more weeks!”
Hopefully, it’ll cut down on all those pesky insects to make being outdoors more pleasant when warmer days do arrive.

So, with spring still so far away… and no sign of pretty flowers until mid-May. I think we need a distraction. Let’s go sew something fun!!


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Should I Save My Fabric Scraps?

Fabric Scrap Options

That really depends on you…. As quilters we are all unique and have different styles and reasons for making quilts. So what should you do?

I’d suggest that you do some soul-searching into what types of quilts you really love making. Or, perhaps just asking yourself some pertinent questions to find out where your true passion for quilt-making resides.


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What’s In A Book Review?

Quilting books on a shelf with antique iron.
Quilt Books on a Shelf

Back in 2010, I enrolled myself in my own personal quilting challenge; and then wrote a blog post of my quilting experience. 

My goal and purpose was two-fold
1) So that I could expand my quilting skills repertoire as I had only been quilting for about 7 years.
2) To write about it so I would keep myself accountable to stay the course, knowing it would keep me motivated, even when I had difficulties executing the chosen technique.


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How To Organize Your Sewing Room

OKAY, is it that time again…?

Someone once told me I do this a lot. Yes, I really DO like to organize…. I find when feeling overly tired or apathetic what gets me out of this state of mind is a really inspiring room makeover. Such an activity really gets me motivated and off the couch. Not to mention, a really good physical workout. The extra benefit is a new space to spark that creativity launch and less wasted time looking for misplaced items.


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Stepping into a New Year!

When one door closes, another opens….

CLOSED…. On Dec. 28, 2018 my online shop on closed. Even though it was not expected, I felt okay with the closure after I had a chance to ponder on this news. (Since I read that email just before bed, I didn’t get a chance to clear my head until morning, on how I felt about this resulting action.) I had not added anything new for a few years due to a lack of energy to do so. So, it gave me a chance to reflect on that outcome; and to feel like I needed a change, as well.


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