When is Chocolate Calorie-Free?

Sometimes, a quick project is just the right prescription to slow down the internal hectic dialogue and calm our nerves. As with any creative pursuit it allows one to escape and turn off the outer world. And just be in the present moment!

So why not dig into your scrap basket to accomplish this simple task with this mini quilt project! With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, this may be the perfect mini project to add to your list.

I’ve enjoyed making patterns since 2006, sharing them on past blogs, and selling them for several years through the Craftsy website. Since that opportunity has recently closed, they need a new avenue to still be shared…. So this year, I am offering many of them FREE. They will be posted on my website for anyone interested in getting them for their own enjoyment and to make as gifts. 

My typical style is to use what I have; and brainstorm how I can utilize my fabrics without going out to buy more. And I usually make it up as I go along. Consequently, you can follow my suggestions, or just go and do it your own way. Either way works for me! My only rule is to enjoy the process….

Would you like more free quilting patterns…
If you are interested in seeing what else I have to offer, then why not join me on this journey and sign-up to receive my pattern information newsletter of what’s coming next…

To make this as simple as possible, I have only two easy steps for you to follow:

  1. Fill in the signup form if you are interested in receiving more pattern ideas, as I may provide extra instructions along the way.
  2. And if a friend is interested, I request that you send them to my website to request their own patterns. Please do not copy or share your own downloaded patterns as these are for personal use only.

Our Pattern Library will offer more free patterns. To opt-in to the list to receive notification when this opens, visit the Patterns page to sign up.

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  1. When I downloaded the Chocolate hearts, I got the coffee cups instead. I tried it twice and got the same thing. I guess I’m having a cup of coffee instead of chocolate. 🙂

    1. Sorry Heather. I will check into this. And in the meantime, I’ll email you the pdf for Chocolate Hearts. Thanks for letting me know.

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